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Birchwood Shooting Rest set 2piece kit


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Nest Rest 2-Piece Shooting Rest

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Key Features

  • Large Rest: 6.6""H x 6""W x 5""D
  • Small Rest 4.7""H x 5.5""W x 4.5""D
  • Pieces ""Nest"" and lock together to save space
  • Soft, non-marring surface
  • Small Rest stacks on large rest for additional height adjustment
  • Made in USA

Dirty, heavy sand bags and clunky metal rests are just a bad memory when you switch to the "Nest Rest." Portable and compact, it easily fits in range bags or shooting kits. The soft rubber construction protects firearms and provides a non-skid grip that keeps the rest in place, shot after shot. The "Nest Rest" Shooting Rest independently supports your firearm allowing you to make sight adjustments, check targets, or reload.